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Today, in an effort to manage their energy spend, many companies are forced to deal with different HVAC controls from muliple vendors across their many locations. This can present challenges to companies trying to develop a unified approach for smart building management. AllSites, GE’s unified controls and energy management app, is the answer—providing the tools to transform how enterprises approach multi-site energy management, leveraging big data analytics built on Current’s Intelligent Environment Platform.


Energy KPIs Sub-metering Data Ingestion Setpoint Override Setpoint Override
Energy KPIs Sub-metering
Data Ingestion



Real Time Asset Analytics Energy Savings Calculations Rules-based Smart Alarms Predictive Maintenance
Real Time Asset
Energy Savings
Smart Alarms BMS
Integration and


Visibility into buildings where centralized BMS systems are not economical



30% reduction in lighting energy use, emissions, and environmental impact, in addition to the 40% savings available with LED



Management of heterogeneous building management and automation systems across various locations



Asset utilization and reduces your overall energy spend with big data analytics



Why AllSites

When choosing an EMS, energy savings should be among the first gains you should expect. But not all energy management systems are the same. AllSites takes a three-Pronged Strategy for Scalable Energy Management, focusing on Control, Insight, and Optimization.


Enterprise-wide scheduling, controls, and override management



Centralized management and real-time visibility and insights across all sites and equipment



Tools and automation to optimize equipment performance, energy costs, and savings


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AllSites holistic approach to energy management consolidates multiple disparate building systems into a single, easy to use, software offering. It’s simple for energy professionals to deploy AllSites with new controls or integrate them with an existing building automation system. This allows facility managers to oversee thousands of sites across a wide range of building profiles from a cloud-based software platform.

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AllSites Smart Building
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allsites smart building management platform

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