Halogen Transformers

Low-voltage Halogen Electronic Transformers

Our low-voltage halogen transformers are simply the best, but other than that there's nothing simple about them. This product line has set the industry benchmark for dependability by its Patented Auto-thermal Regulation (proportional dimming of the output voltage over 90C) and its self-preserving 125C Thermal Cut-off. In addition, embedded technology makes the transformers runs cool with associated higher efficiency (∼95% at full load). Each transformer includes multiple patent-protected mechanisms.


  • The electronic transformer output is automatically reduced if it accidentally overheats. This reduces the heat generation and greatly improves performance as compared with other technologies that simply cut out the light completely.
  • Lightech electronic transformers can be dimmed by low cost TRIAC dimmers without producing any acoustic noise, which is a common problem for other transformers.
  • We make electronic transformers which are more efficient than any other by using field effect transistors instead of bipolar transistors. The higher efficiency results in a combination of smaller size and longer life for the product.

As a result of all these patented technologies the Lightech electronic transformers dim well using low cost dimmers without producing any acoustic noise, are smaller and live longer, and if abused by overloading so that they overheat then the light output simply degrades gracefully. All together these properties in an installed base of several million transformers give Lightech electronic transformers a rightly-deserved reputation of exceptional reliability, ruggedness, and performance in the field.