LED Drivers

UltraMax LED Drivers

Your driver is the heart and soul of your LED lighting system. That's why it's so important to choose UltraMax® LED Drivers. Our drivers are efficient, intelligent and programmable, allowing you to create innovative, next-generation lighting systems that live up to your high-performance standards. For your next application, trust UltraMax™ LED drivers to provide user satisfaction, as well as superior ROI through quality construction and reliable performance.

Constant Current Outdoor LED Drivers Class 1, 0-10v and DALI

  • UltraMax® 50, 100 and 150w Class 1 outdoor programmable Drivers
    • 100 and 150 watt Drivers are combo DALI and 0-10v in one Driver
    • The Combo Drivers allows for flexibility with 0-10v dimming and/or DALI interfaces
    • DALI can be used for dimming or data management commands
    • The new 100 and 150w Drivers also have extreme surge protection of 10kV/5kA
  • UltraMax® Outdoor Drivers have 100kH life @ 70C case temperatures and IP66 ratings
  • UltraMax® 75, 100 and 150w 347-480v Outdoor Drivers with 0-10v Dimming

Constant Current Indoor Drivers Class 2, 0-10v and DALI

  • UltraMax® class2 36, 50 and 90w indoor programmable, 0-10v dimming
  • 36 and 50 watt also available in Bottom Feed Square Cans
  • UltraMax® class2 36, 50 and 90w indoor programmable and DALI

Constant Current Phase Control Dimming LED Drivers

  • Available in 120v and selected 277v
  • UltraMax® 20 and 50w, 120v indoor programmable & phase dimming
  • Fixed Output: 18, 26 and 36w, 350mA, 500mA, 700mA & phase dimming

New 480/347 Step Down Transformers Optimized for LED Fixture Loads

  • Available in 60 and 110 watt models
  • Operates same maximum wattage for both 480 &347v
  • Separate voltage leads
  • Low profile housing fits within standard fixtures