CFL Systems

Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Systems


Non-Integrated CFLs

Non-Integrated CFLs

The current generation of CFLs produces better lumen maintenance over a wider ambient temperature range and more stable lumen output in all burn positions - all thanks to amalgam technology.

High Lumen Biax Watt-Miser Lamps

High Lumen Biax® Watt-Miser® Lamps

GE's 25W T5 compact fluorescent lamps offer $10 in energy saving over the life of the lamp vs. standard 300W F40/30 HL Biax® lamps with nearly the same light output.*

Integrated Reflector Lamps

Integrated CFLs

GE's integrated CFLs are available in a wide variety of designs, including decorative lamps, reflectors, and spirals.