High Lumen Biax® Watt-Miser® Lamps

High Lumen Biax Watt-Miser Lamps

GE's 25W T5 compact fluorescent lamps offer $10 in energy saving over the life of the lamp vs. standard 300W F40/30 HL Biax® lamps with nearly the same light output.*

Simple energy saving upgrade:

  • No ballast change required when using an instant start ballast
  • 20,000 hour life at 3 hours per start
  • Excellent CRI - 82
  • High efficacy - >100 lumens per watt
  • More compact design – 1.5” shorter than F40/30BX
  • Broad range of colors -3,000K, 3,500K, 4,100K, 5,000K

*Assuming a 25W Biax Watt-Miser lamp replaces a standard F40 Biax (30 watts nominal) @ $0.10kwH over 20,000 hours life. Light level drops by only 17% assuming a 0.9 ballast factor. Light level drop by 10% when based upon 200mA nominal lamp current on high efficiency ballast.

High Lumen Biax Watt-Miser Savings