Linear Fluorescent

Commercial Fluorescent Lighting

Whether it's long life, energy savings, or quality of light, GE's linear fluorescent bulbs have your application covered.

Our linear fluorescent lamps (LFLs) are appropriate for every kind of indoor application and excel in long life, energy savings, low maintenance, and color rendering. Thanks to the superior quality of light, merchandise stands out and people look more natural.

LFL bulbs are available in color temperatures ranging from 2700 - 6500 K, providing choices for all professional lighting applications.


T5 Linear FluorescentGE's T5 Family of Lamps

Long, slim T5s represented a significant advance in fluorescent technology. GE offers a comprehensive range of high efficiency and high output T5 tubes.



GE T5HO 47W UltraStart® Watt-Miser® System

The GE T5HO 47W UltraStart® Watt-Miser® System utilizes GE's best fluorescent technology to offer its most energy-efficient system – producing nearly the same light output of a 54W system.* These energy savings, combined with long life and hassle-free maintenance, make this lamp and ballast system the ideal solution for high-bay or commercial troffer applications.

*4,800 lumens vs. 5,000 lumens for standard 54W

T8 Linear Fluorescent LampsGE's T8 Family of Lamps

Everyone knows LED tubes are even more energy efficient and longer lasting than fluorescent ones. Not sure what to pick? We've got you covered with our T8, Type A glass LED tube selector. Visit the LED tube selector. We also make finding available rebates on LED tubes easy, making them an even more economical choice.



29W & 26W Ecolux® T8 1-5/8” Mod-U-Line®

The energy-saving solution for 2' x 2' fixtures, these lamps can save up to 16% in energy, with a life as high as 30,000 hours.

Ultra Energy Saving T8 Ecolux® Watt Miser® - 2' and 3'

In addition to dramatic savings in energy costs, these lamps provide up to 100% longer life than standard T8s with nearly the same lumen output. As a result, you can extend group relamp cycles by over four years (assuming 4,100 annual burn hours) and significantly reduce spot relamping costs.

2' T8 Starcoat® Ecolux®

Retrofit an existing T12 fixture with a GE UltraMax® system and save up to 42% in energy. These lamps provide 344% longer life than standard F20 T12 lamps operating on a 3hr/start cycle.

Ultra Energy Saving 4' T8 Ecolux®

Relamp existing F32T8 with F28T8 and save up to 15% in energy. Retrofit existing T12 fixture with GE UltraMax® System and save up to 36%. This lamp lasts 50% longer than standard T8s.

Ecolux Linear FluorescentGE Ecolux® Fluorescent Lamps

All Ecolux® fluorescent lamps pass the EPA Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) test. This TCLP test characterizes fluorescent lamp waste as either hazardous or non-hazardous for the purpose of disposal.

The mercury content of GE Ecolux® lamps has been reduced by over 80% versus older traditional fluorescent lamp designs. To assure long life, advanced coating technologies have been developed to minimize the absorption of mercury within the lamp.

Additionally, Ecolux® lamps use an exclusive material design that helps to prevent the small amount of mercury in the lamp from forming mercury compounds which may leach into groundwater after lamp disposal.

covRguard Linear FluorescentGE covRguard® Fluorescent Lamps

GE covRguard® fluorescent lamps feature an FDA, USDA, and OSHA compliant, shatter-resistant product with outstanding light quality and superior energy efficiency. They also eliminate the inconvenience and added labor expense of unwieldy sleeves and caps. That's because GE covRguard® lamps arrive ready to install — there is no assembly required. The lamp can simply be placed into a fixture right from the box.

GE covRguard lamps offer maximum protection with minimum light loss making it an ideal product for applications in grocery stores and food-processing operations, hospitals and health-care facilities, restaurants and food-service operations, and in semiconductor facilities.

GE's T5 High Efficiency, T8, and T12 covRguard® lamps use a polycarbonate sleeve that is also effective in blocking UVA and UVB to 280nm and operates in environments up to 140F.

GE's line of T5 High Output covRguard® boasts an FEP sleeve that operates in high temperature environments of up to 300F and offers outstanding shatter resistance that helps contain glass fragments and phosphors if a lamp is broken, protecting your food, your customers, and your business' reputation.