Wireless Lighting Controls and Building Automation Systems

Advanced Lighting Controls and Building Automation

The Daintree™ wireless solution includes advanced lighting controls, edge hardware devices and an intuitive, web-based software application. Whether you are performing a retrofit or new construction project, Daintree™ wireless lighting solutions are flexible, upgradeable and cost-effective. Furthermore, the open architecture of the Daintree™ network allows for integration with third-party devices and applications, providing the ability to expand your control beyond lighting and create more intelligent environments.

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Daintree™ One is a standalone or single-fixture wireless control system. Daintree™ One comes with factory-installed embedded wireless occupancy and daylight sensors that control each fixture individually. It’s perfectly designed for applications that require granular lighting controls. As the needs of the space evolve, Daintree™ One can be upgraded to the Daintree™ EZ Connect or Daintree™ Networked solutions.

Each fixture has an embedded wireless sensor. There is no communication between fixtures.



Daintree EZ Connect Diagram

Daintree™ EZ Connect is a distributed lighting controls solution. It allows a group of adjacent fixtures to communicate with each other directly, without the need for a separate gateway or cloud operating system. Each fixture has an embedded wireless occupancy and daylight sensor, and the system can be setup, commissioned and controlled via mobile application.

The Daintree™ EZ Connect mobile application is easy to install and ideal for configuring zonal lighting controls in commercial office buildings, hospitals, schools and more.

The solution has the ability to create logical groupings or zones. Sensors can talk to each other without the need for a separate gateway or cloud.

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Daintree™ Networked controls are the foundation of a building’s digital infrastructure. This comprehensive solution provides full-featured lighting control for both fluorescent and LED lighting, as well as other devices including wireless thermostats, fans, water heaters, air compressors, HVAC units and more. Utilizing the Daintree™ controls software platform, users can schedule lighting and other assets, adjust trim levels and monitor energy consumption from a central location. Furthermore, the system’s open architecture allows for integration with a growing ecosystem of hardware and software partners.

Includes embedded and non-embedded sensors that communicate with each other via the ZigBee protocol. Data is compiled and shared to the cloud via wireless access controllers.



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AllSites™ energy management provides the tools to transform how enterprises approach multi-site energy management, leveraging the Daintree™ controls platform to build a more intelligent environment. View energy KPIs, perform real-time asset analysis, manage smart alarms, integrate HVAC controls and more.