LightSweep Modular Lighting Control System

LightSweep Modular Lighting Control System

LightSweep® is a highly scalable lighting control solution based on relay panels, sensors and software. Energy reduction schemes include ON/OFF switching and constant dimming based on time schedules, occupancy sensing or daylight harvesting. LightSweep can be integrated with building management systems (BMS) and linked to the "Smart Grid".


  • Modularity - Easier to meet specification, potentially improving price competitiveness (avoids "over spec"); CAT5 connectivity
  • Simple Design - Snap-in modules and relays, plug-in connectors enable easy factory or field installation, quick field replacement, and simple upgrades or expansions
  • Scalability – The system can be scaled from a very simple stand-alone controller, programmed using the push-button feature to a very complex system deployed across multiple buildings or facilities, accessible via Internet
  • BACnet - Easier to integrate with 3rd party products (e.g., field devices, BMS, security systems). BACnet controller is a fully programmable device allowing custom programming for very complex applications
  • Customization - Custom zones, scenes and pre-sets based on user's preferences: conference rooms, multi-purpose rooms, etc.


Cost Savings:

  • Reduce energy bills by utilizing only when needed
  • Expands the fixture life by running either at lower output or fewer hours, this also reduces the maintenance cost

Comfort Level:

  • Adjust light levels to reduce glare
  • Pre-programmed scenes for conference or specialty rooms
  • Constant output for entire lamp's life

Security & Safety:

  • Intrusion deterrent – lighting activated by motion sensors and integrated with security system
  • Emergency lighting control – activated upon loss of normal power