Daintree Networked Wireless Solution

Daintree Networked Wireless Controls

Daintree Enterprise, the industry’s first open standards-based solution for networked wireless buildings, delivers dramatic energy savings and operational efficiency improvements in a simpler, more cost-effective way than ever before.

  • Energy Reduction: Up to 50% energy savings across lighting, HVAC, plug load, and fans from controls and energy management monitoring, and optimization with ControlScope Manager (CSM), Current’s energy management system.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with Title 24; 2005 Energy Policy Act; 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act; 2009 DOE Regulations, ASHRAE 90.1-2013 and IECC 2015.
  • Improved Total Cost of Ownership: Current’s Building Energy Management as a Service (BEMaaS) model removes the complexities of energy management systems and bring smart control via the cloud at the lowest installation cost.
  • Productivity Increases: Using the same occupancy energy management data for lighting controls, a 100% increase in conference room availability with available software apps.

Daintree Quick Product Guide

Wireless Area Controller (WAC-60)Wireless Area Controller (WAC-60)
Using open and interoperable ZigBee standards-based technology, the Daintree Enterprise WAC communicates with standards-compliant sensors, switches, ballasts and LED drivers to transform basic room controls into a complete mesh wireless control solution. A WAC can independently control a single extended area, and multiple WACs can be connected together through an Ethernet network to scale the system to many hundreds or thousands of lights across a distributed enterprise or multiple sites.

Wireless Fixture Adapter (WFA100-SN)Wireless Fixture Adapter (WFA100-SN)
The WFA100-SN is a cost-effective wireless control solution for wired occupancy sensors and photo sensors, providing ON/OFF and 0-10V dimming control of ballasts and LED drivers. The isolated relay offers N/O and N/C contacts providing robust switching options to control a variety of lighting loads.

Wireless Adapter (LCM-1C09-ZB)Wireless Adapter (LCM-1C09-ZB)
The LCM-1C09-ZB includes a 9A relay to switch ballasts/drivers and circuits, and provides 0-10V output to control one or more dimmable ballasts/drivers.

Wireless Node plastic kit (WNG1ENCASS) is a wireless lighting controller with Digital Sensor’s data collection capabilities. It has a DALI interface to interact with the connected DALI luminaries and MS2 Multi-sensors (PIR Motion, Light,Temperature and Humidity).

Wireless Occupancy Sensor, Ceiling Mount (WOS2-CM)Wireless Occupancy Sensor, Ceiling Mount (WOS2-CM)
The WOS2 is a battery-powered occupancy sensor utilizing passive infrared (PIR) sensing technology to detect movement. The sensor’s off-delay timer is user-configurable from any location using the ControlScope Manager (CSM) web application, eliminating the need for on-site, manual sensor adjustment. Installation is quick and easy without the need for any wires or plenum access.

Wireless Photosensor (WPS1)Wireless Photosensor (WPS1)
The WPS1 is a battery-powered photosensor that is used to monitor and measure task or ambient light levels. Designed to work with ControlScope’s closed loop daylight harvesting solution, the WPS1 enables automatic and continuous adjustment of electric light levels to user-defined setpoints. Installation is also quick and easy without the need for any wires or plenum access.

Wireless Wall Dimmer (WWD1)Wireless Wall Dimmer (WWD1)
The WWD1 is a battery-powered device that can replace a standard wall switch or dimmer. Using open, standards based ZigBee wireless communications, this dimmer can be used to turn one or more lights on or off, as well as dim or brighten lights to their desired intensity. Installation is also quick and easy without the need for any wires, plenum access or wall cavity.

Wireless Sensor Adapter WSA10Wireless Sensor Adapter WSA10
The WSA10 provides up to four (4) thermistor temperature Sensor inputs, and up to two (2) 0-10 analog inputs suitable for a broad range of transducers, enabling wireless control and management of wired end-devices within the ControlScope system.

Wireless Thermostat WTS10Wireless Thermostat WTS10
The WTS10 is a wireless commercial programmable thermostat that can connect to any single or multi-stage conventional or heat pump HVAC system, providing automatic temperature control. It is typically used in buildings under 50,000 square feet or in use with single zone packaged rooftop unit. WTS has remote thermostat configuration and scheduling with built-in temperature sensor or wireless remote temperature sensor capabilities.

Wireless Wall Switch 3-ButtonWireless Wall Switch 3-Button
The WWS3 is a battery- powered device that takes the place of a standard wall switch. Using open, standards based ZigBee wireless communications, this switch can be used to turn one or more lights on, off, or half brightness.

Feature Comparison

Feature List Daintree Controls Lighting Control Competitors
Occupancy Sensing
Daylight Harvesting
Light Scheduling
Automated Demand Response
Plug Load Control
Zonal Lighting Control
Supports Cloud and On-Premises Deployment  
Imbedded Luminaire Sensors
Energy Dashboards
Environment Alarms  
HVAC Controls  
Third Party Software Compatibility  
Third Party Sensor Compatibility