LED Luminaire ABVG2 (Gen2) series

LED Luminaire ABVG2 (Gen2) series

The redesigned award-winning ABV-Series, the new ABVG2 LED luminaire is an exceptional mixture of value and performance. The ABV range has been upgraded to reach very high efficacy of 187lm/w and cover lumen packages between 11,000 – 47,000 lumens.

The range also includes DALI and various sensor versions to offer individual and grouped fixture control. With the improved efficacies, wide range of control options, a very long service lifetime of >90k hrs, and higher lumen outputs, the ABVG2 is an ideal choice to replace high wattage HID and T5/T8 fluorescent fixtures in high bay and low bay applications in industrial and commercial buildings.

Product Information

  • Designed to meet recommended luminance and illuminance requirements for high bay and low bay applications
  • Various mounting options: Cable or threaded rod kit. Mounting accessories need to be ordered separately
  • Combination of steel and aluminium housing
  • ABV-Series’ design accommodates 1, 2 or 3 modules with 2 LED units per module
  • IP40 rating for the optical LED compartment, IP20 rating for the electrical part
  • Painted white RAL 9016 finish
  • Temperature Rated at -30°C to +50°C (R-RF Sensor version 0°C to +35°C)
  • Long reliable lifetime of >90,000hrs @ L80B50 Ta=25°C


  • Fixed output
  • DALI
  • Motion & lux sensor (WattStopper FSP-211 with remote controller) – enables standalone fixture control up to 12m installation height. Can be selected with Standard (S) series only.
  • RF wireless sensor (CP EBDHS-MB-AT-DD with remote controller) – enables control for group of fixtures with RF (Radio Frequency) sensor in a local lighting control system grid without additional DALI wires, up to 20m installation height. Can be selected with High (H) series only.

LED & Optical Assembly

  • ABVG2 Series optical system enable LEDs to provide optimised illumination for open floor and racked aisles with photometric distributions of 30, 55, 90 and 120 degrees. Optics are designed for commercial & industrial applications where mounting height, fixture spacing & light levels help determine optical selection.
  • Utilises high brightness LEDs