N-Pack NPP T5

N-Pack NPP T5

Lighting fittings for T5 fluorescent lamps for lighting large areas e.g. retail, and warehouse. It’s an ideal solution for ceiling installation. NPP is compatible with NAL trunking system, but we offer NPQ for track mounting NAL system with full compatibility.

Structures and materials

Body: Cold-milled, phosphate white epoxy polyester powder coated steel sheet.
Colour: White
Lamp holder: Polycarbonate, fixed to body by safety clip. Ring nuts for IP40 and to prevent lamp failure.

Electrical and gear compartment

Only electronic version is available, 230-240V/50-60Hz, connector with fuse, screw terminals for conductors up to 2.5mm2.

Installation/ Maintenance

Replace light source by removing diffuser.


A wide-choice of accessories are available; including reflectors.
  • (NPGR) NPT – Metal Reflector
  • NPR – Metal Reflector with clip-fit end elements
  • NPA - Asymmetric Metal Reflector
  • NPLT - Aligner for NPT – NPR – NPA Reflectors
  • TCGR - End Cap


Luminaire is supplied without lamp.