Rigid Lightbar


Rigid Lightbar

Bringing Indoor Signs to Life

Illuminated indoor displays have to attract attention without being bulky, generating excess heat or costing a fortune. Ease of installation, low maintenance and running costs, and minimal carbon footprint throughout the lifespan are also critical considerations for designers, managers and procurement teams alike. You can give product displays a new dimension or create eye-catching storefronts that attract both attention and footfall with the Rigid Lightbar signage system. Current’s Rigid Lightbar LED solutions are ideal for shallow-box indoor signs. Available in three standard lengths (240mm, 560mm, 1120mm), these low-energy 24V lightbars offer fast plug-and-play installation with the possibility to daisy-chain multiple lengths for the illumination of larger surface areas.

Light is distributed across a wide, 160-degree angle to ensure beautifully uniform illumination of even the shallowest of light boxes, with fewer modules required to create a stunning effect. Each LED is constructed for quality, with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of >80 for accurate and true colour rendering.

An aluminium PCB offers enhanced thermal dissipation to prolong the life of each LED module, reducing the risk of failure beyond the warranty. The amount of heat produced is significantly lower than the competition, making our lightbars perfect for applications involving fabric or similar sensitive materials.


  • Wide 160-degree lens to ensure excellent uniformity, even at shallow depths
  • CRI >80 allows much better colour rendition in signage and advertising cases
  • 3 lengths available to fit most applications
  • Fast and easy installation with pre-assembled tape and connectors on 225mm long flying leads
  • Low-voltage 24VDC system
  • 5-year warranty


  • Bright, uniform light distribution
  • Superior loading
  • Reduced installation time and decreased maintenance costs
  • Long system life
  • Lower overall cost of ownership through energy and module efficiencies