GTx Heated Shell Signal


GTx Heated Shell Signal

Now with more advanced technology, GTx heated shell is a one of a kind traffic light that is built with heating capabilities to help prevent ice and snow build up in cold weathers. Minimize confusion and delays at intersections with the new heated shell lamp.
The smart traffic light is equipped with sensors that measure ambient conditions and automatically activate the heating elements on the front shell to help prevent ice formation on the lamp. The sensors monitor temperature and humidity and automatically turn the heating elements on when there is a high likelihood of sticky snowfall.


  • Heating elements are designed independent of signal activity
  • Sensors detect the temperature and humidity to control heating elements
  • All the built-in capabilities of the GTx
  • Meets rigorous certification and testing standards


  • One of a kind smart traffic light
  • Excellent color uniformity
  • New or retrofit use


  • Colors available: red, yellow, green
  • Tinted