Illuminated Street Signs

Illuminated Street Signs

Street Smarts: Municipalities can clearly see the advantages of using LED systems over fluorescents for illuminated street signs. Tetra PowerStrip® improves readability by uniformly distributing light across the entire sign face, eliminating the striping commonly associated with fluorescent. This long-life LED system also eliminates costly maintenance issues caused by dimming, flickering and burn-out. Tetra PowerStrip slashes additional operating costs by being up to 75 percent more energy efficient than T12 fluorescent.



  • Up to 75% energy efficiency over fluorescent
  • OEM or retrofit use
  • Patent pending OptiLensTM improves uniformity and increases readability
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • GE quality/reliability


  • Colors: White 6500K


  • Replaces fluorescent lamps in illuminated street signs