Halogen Lamps

Energy Saving Halogen

Easy retrofit, 28% energy savings, twice the life, and a host of other benefits make these lamps an attractive replacement option for incandescent lamps.

GE energy efficient halogen lamps provide a direct replacement for standard incandescent lamps and are available in general purpose A-line, decorative, globe, and reflector shapes. They create a stunning light and can be used with dimming switches.


Install and Save

The GE energy efficient halogen range provides an easy and efficient direct replacement option for regular incandescent lamps. Delivering a crisp white light – with dimming options for a cozy atmosphere – these lamps provide lumens similar to corresponding incandescent lamps.

GE energy efficient halogen lamps are available in general purpose A-line, decorative, globe, and reflector shapes.

  • Instant–on, full light output at start up
  • Lumens maintained throughout product life
  • 100% retrofit
  • Dimmable

Making the Switch
Quick reference guide on how to move to halogen lamps

  Incandescent   GE Halogen  
Halogen Aline 100W
Yellow Arrows 72W
Halogen Indoor Reflectors 65W BR40
65W BR30
45W BR20
Red Arrows 45W BR40
45W BR30
45W BR20
Halogen Decorative


Blue Arrows 60W
Halogen Globes 60W
Gray Arrows 60W
GE Halogen Reflector Lamps

High Performance Halogen Reflectors

GE halogen reflector lamps combine outstanding light quality, intensity and control with efficient use of energy. They are well suited to creative lighting, with a choice of wattages, beam angles and technical types delivering design flexibility.

High output light, precise control and a wide range of product/ performance options make this range ideal for creative solutions.

Get Creative with MR16 Reflectors

GE's halogen MR16 range provides compact, high-output light sources with extensive scope for creative lighting solutions. For end users, the ability to upgrade from standard halogen reflectors to GE energy saving reflectors offers significant savings potential over the lifetime of the lamp.

  • Up to 43% energy saving using energy saver MR16 IR lamps
  • Crisp white light (CCT up to 3000K)
  • Excellent color rendering (100% CRI)
  • Long lasting bright light – more than 90% lumen maintenance
  • Precise beam control – wide range of options
  • Up to 6,000 hours life time – three times more than conventional products


ConstantColor™ – Light Where You Need It

ConstantColor™MR16 benefit from two reflector coatings, one inside and one outside the reflector, thereby reducing the amount of backlight that would otherwise be wasted from the rear of the lamp. Infrared light – heat – is still efficiently transmitted from the rear, creating a cool beam effect.

AR70/AR111 Reflectors

  • Excellent control of the beam and sharp cut-off
  • G53 base offers convenience of push in or screw in terminals
  • UV-stop capsule
  • Long life at 3,000 hour
  • Small profile and suitable for open fixtures

GE High Performance Halogen LampsHigh Performance Halogen PARs

GE PARs can be used for virtually any purpose - indoor and outdoor.

They are available in a wide variety of types, wattages, and beam spreads and provide huge cost of light savings: less than a one year payback in most cases. GE PARs are ideal for accent lighting, merchandising displays, and general illumination in offices, lobbies, and public buildings.


  • Long 3,000, 4,200 and 8,400 hour life options
  • Up to four times longer life than standard PAR38s
  • Up to 55% more efficient than standard PAR38s


  • Long 4,200 hour life
  • 40% longer life than standard PAR30s
  • 41% more efficient than standard PAR30s

HIR™ Plus Halogen Lamps

With increased demand for energy saving light alternatives, GE—the inventor of HIR technology—has developed another breakthrough ecoimagination product. Great for retail, property management, and anywhere you use halogen PAR lamps today.

  • The industry's most efficient halogen PAR38s and PAR30 long neck lamps
  • Up to 54% more efficient (higher LPW) than standard PAR38s and up to 41% more efficient than standard PAR30 long necks
  • Available in a 10˚ spot or 25˚ flood
  • Long 4,200 hour life rating