HID Lights

High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps

Outstanding light quality, exceptional reliability & environmental compliance – ultra-efficient HID Lights from GE.

GE's High Intensity Discharge lamps (HIDs) share a number of important qualities – including high efficacy and a long life – that combine to make them the most efficient light source for a wide range of different commercial and industrial applications.


HID Quartz Metal Halide LampsQuartz Metal Halide Lamps

GE offers a wide range of high-efficiency quartz metal halide lamps that produce crisp white light and deliver exceptional long life.



GE PulseArc® Lamps are the most efficient metal halide lamps available, producing desired light levels with lower wattage lamps or fewer fixtures. They also have fast warm-up and restart times, reaching full light output more than 50% sooner than standard metal halide lamps.

And with up to 50% longer life—up to 30,000-hour life on burn cycles of 12 hours per start—maintenance costs are reduced substantially. High lumen maintenance also contributes to extended relamp cycles.

GE PulseArc® lamps are available in high output and extra high output versions for 320W and 400W levels, offering maximum flexibility in designing a lighting layout. The 750W PulseArc® is an excellent retrofit for a 1,000W metal halide.

Protected Metal Halide

Suitable for use in open luminaries, GE Protected Metal Halide Lamps are designed to meet the containment test specified in ANSI C78.389. They are available in ceramic metal halide, MXR, and MP. MPR lamps employ a quartz shroud that surrounds the arc tube to reduce the potential risk to persons and property in the unlikely case of an arc tube rupture.

GE's Protected Ceramic Metal Halide and Quartz MPR Lamps are equipped with an EX39 exclusionary base. GE MXR Protected Metal Halide Lamps employ E26 medium bases.

Chromafit Quartz Metal Halide HID LampChromaFIT™ Multi-Vapor Lamps

A direct replacement for standard HPS lamps, GE ChromaFit™ Multi-Vapor® lamps provide improved crisp white color without expensive ballast or fixture change. ChromaFit™ lamps provide the crisp white light typical of metal halide lamps, adding sparkle and comfort to any setting. In addition, they feature a color rendering index of 65 for the clear lamp and 70 for the coated version and are highly efficient, providing up to 100 lumens per watt of quality light.

CMH Ultra Lamps

GE's ConstantColor® CMH Ultra 39W and 70W Lamps have been specifically created with retail environments in mind to help you save on maintenance. These new generation lamps provide an extra long life of up to 18,000 hours and over four times the efficiency of halogen lamps! This means significantly improved lumen maintenance and enhanced quality of light. The lamps are also robust in a hot environment.

CMH Ultra Lamps are the obvious choice for new store fixtures, but also perfect for existing retail environments using CMH fixtures with electronic or electromagnetic ballasts.


  • 35W and 70W 3,000K CMH lamps in G12 and G8.5 formats
  • Excellent CRI performance
  • Superior lumen maintenance with increased light output
  • 930 color gives a true representation of all colors in the spectrum and right ambience
  • Can be used in existing CMH 35W or 70W, G12 or G8.5 systems
  • 70W compatible with both electronic and electromagnetic ballast; 35W compatible with electronic ballasts as per the approved ballast list

ConstantColor® CMH® SPXX Lamps

Providing sparkling color with startling performance, ConstantColor® CMH® SPXX Lamps can lower your energy costs by up to $224* per fixture or enable you to reduce your fixture count. They offer excellent lumen maintenance, greater than 80%, and the same long life and lumen output you associate with CMH, making them a better alternative to PulseArc lamps.

With a color rendering index of up to 90, ConstantColor® CMH® SPXX Lamps are ideal for all applications, especially where color is important. Improved spectral distribution produces vibrant reds, blues, greens, and yellows, and they maintain constant color over time for uniform ceilings and stores.

ConstantColor® CMH® SPXX Lamp are rated for open fixtures and can be used in vertical base up or base down applications. They are now available in multiple energy saving wattages: 250, 320, 350, and 400.

* Using a 320W CMH system to replace a standard 400W metal halide system @ 10¢ kWh over the life of the lamp

High Pressure Sodium LampsHigh Pressure Sodium Lamps

GE Ecolux® High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamps deliver low operating costs and energy-efficient performance. They pass the EPA Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure Test (TCLP), substantially lowering disposal costs.

ECOLUX® Medium Base HPS Lamps

GE Ecolux Medium Base HPS Lamps provide the same long life and outstanding efficiency as standard HPS lamps, with the added benefit of TCLP compliance. Ecolux® lamps feature reduced mercury levels and a lead-free base. This translates into lower disposal costs in addition to lower maintenance costs. In addition, Ecolux Medium Base HPS Lamps fit standard HPS medium base sockets. No new ballasts or fixtures are needed.

HID HPS LampsGE Ecolux® Standby XL Lamps

GE Ecolux® Standby XL Lamps feature a dual arc tube design with a life of 40,000 hours, 67% longer than standard HPS lamps. By significantly increasing the maintenance interval, this longer rated life reduces fixture relamping costs. GE Ecolux® Standby XL Lamps are a highly efficient alternative, delivering up to 125 lumens per watt.

Their second arc tube also assures that critical lighting applications will stay lit, even after momentary power outages. This second tube illuminates instantly, increasing to full light output in less than two minutes.

In addition, GE Ecolux® Standby XL Lamps are environmentally friendly. They are TCLP-compliant, substantially lowering disposal costs. And they're a straightforward replacement for standard HPS lamps. They fit standard HPS sockets—no new wiring, no new ballasts, and no new fixtures required.

HID Ecolux HPS LampsECOLUX® NC™ Non-Cycling, Low Mercury HPS Lamps

Not only are ECOLUX® NC™ Non-Cycling, Low Mercury HPS Lamps environmentally friendly, but they can help you control maintenance costs. Compared to standard HPS lamps, they have between 56% and 93% less mercury.

And unlike standard lamps, Ecolux NC Lamps simply die rather than cycle on and off as they approach their end of life. By making it easier to spot lamps needing replacement, they can help you can reduce maintenance service trips, cutting labor costs by $20 per lamp in a typical street-lighting system.

Even better, the popular 100- and 400-watt types feature 6% and 11% higher initial lumens respectively than standard lamps.