GE LED Accent Architectural Lights

GE LED Accent Lighting

Add additional lighting layers to highlight your spaces with GE LED Accent Lighting. Decorate objects, trim or accent pieces by skirting with even light uniformity and color consistency. These low profile LED lighting modules work in harmony with other lighting elements and structures to provide subtle emphasis and drama to indoor design elements.


  • Cut between every module for the right length
  • Modular, low-voltage 12VDC system for easy installation
  • Optional linear track for straight alignment can be mounted at 0° or 30°


  • Uniform light distribution
  • Consistent color with 3 step MacAdam ellipse binning


  • Colors: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
  • Low 12VDC system


  • Small applications where other lighting technology won't physically fit
  • Create dramatic light layering with nominal energy consumption