Lumination LED Luminaire - LEL Series

Lumination LED Luminaire - LEL Series

The Lumination™ Edgelit Luminaire linear fixture leverages an advanced LED optical system and ultra-thin architectural design to achieve premium performance and aesthetics. Edgelit optics combined with TriGain® technology allow for a near-transparent luminaire when off and exceptional uniformity, efficiency, and color rendering when on. Excellent lumen maintenance combined with intuitive mounting hardware provide simple ease of installation and lower maintenance cost over time.



  • Ultra-thin profile
  • Modern aesthetic
  • Premium fit and finish
  • Color-matched power supply cord
  • Durable construction utilizing acrylic light guides
  • Advanced photometric design, developed by Current
  • HTEK Track Mount Available

Additional Efficiency: Achieve up to a 70% reduction in lighting costs by adding Daintree Wireless Lighting Controls. In addition to greater control over illumination levels, you'll also benefit from improved occupant comfort and productivity.


  • Visually appealing light with minimal glare
  • Dramatic reveal - attractive when on, transparent when off
  • Modern design aesthetic
  • Fixtures can be mechanically connected continuously in series
  • Long life: L85 @ 50,000 hrs


  • Size: 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft lengths
  • Color Temp: 3500K, 4000k
  • Lumen Output: 6000lm (4ft), 9100lm (6ft), 11,200lm (8ft)
  • Efficacy: Up to 134 LPW
  • Life: L85 @ 50,000 hrs.
  • CRI: Exclusive Trigain technology - 90+ CRI
  • R9: 90+
  • Standard Dimming Control: 0-10V, 1%
  • Distribution: 85% Down 15% UP
  • Finish: White, Black, Silver


  • Retail
  • Conference rooms
  • Lobbies and Entryways
  • Open and private offices
  • Hospitality
  • General ambient lighting applications
  • Hallways and corridors