Lumination LED Luminaire - LTS Series

Lumination LED Luminaire – LTS Series with dimming

Lumination® LTS series LED track lights are designed to deliver superior aesthetics, efficiency, and performance for retail accent lighting applications. These fixtures have a long rated life and deliver 90 lumens per watt (LPW) typical for the flood, allowing for lower maintenance and operating costs. Standard "Visual Comfort" lens minimizes glare while delivering up to 20,000 CBCP for high intensity accent lighting. Die-cast precision machined housings provide a unique and distinct aesthetic, while serving as an outstanding heat sink to regulate the LED temperature for long life and minimal color shift. Lumination™ LTS series is also available with reveal® Whiter White™ technology. Ideal for retail accent lighting applications, this great technology delivers bright, crisp whites while also enhancing most other colors for a light experience like no other. All LTS series come with the forward and reverse phase dimming capability.



  • Lumen packages from 800 to 2000 Lm
  • 90 LPW flood versions
  • Vibrant color temperatures for any application (2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K) – features also reveal® Whiter White™
  • 5 year limited warranty


  • High beam intensity (Up to 20,000 CBCP Spot)
  • 80 and 90 CRI options, features reveal® Whiter White™
  • Compatible with global, halo, juno and contech track systems
  • Energy efficient (90 lumens per watt for flood)
  • Long life (L70 @ 50,000 hours) minimizes the need for maintenance
  • Phase dimming provided


  • Retail
  • Accent and spot