LED PAR30 with reveal Whiter White Technology


LED PARs with reveal® Whiter White Technology

Make merchandise look its absolute best with GE's LED Lamps with reveal® Whiter White Technology. Finally, ultimate color rendering meets low energy and long life. Unlike ordinary LEDs, only GE uses reveal® Whiter White Technology to make colors and whites pop.


GE’s reveal® Whiter White Technology

GE's LED lamps with reveal® Whiter White Technology brings out the most vivid colors and activates optical brighteners used in white clothing. The result of this is whites that appear sharper, brighter and overall whiter versus a dingy, yellow appearance. Additionally, the patented Visual Comfort Lens reduces glare while delivering a more comfortable light that draws the eye to items on display.

Key Benefits

  • Whiter Whites
  • Vivid Colors
  • Reduced Glare

Half the Energy & 2X Longer Life

Compared to ceramic metal halide that last 10,0000-12,000 hrs vs 25,000. GE’s LED lamps with reveal® Whiter White Technology provide optimal spot lighting, but provide less light output (650 lumens vs. 2400 lumens).