LED A21 3-Way Lamps

LED A21 3-Way Lamps

GE's LED A-Line 3-way lamps offer 3 levels of light so you can choose between mood, standard and task lighting. Having the right light level provides the best experience and efficiency.


Right Brightness

  • 3 levels of brightness
  • Optimal experience & efficiency
  • Available in LED replacements for 30/70/100-watt and 50/100/150-watt incandescent lamps
  • 50/100/150-watt replacement can also be used as 150 watt replacement in a regular fixture

Pleasing Light

  • Available in 2700K
  • 80 CRI

Low-Cost Operation

  • For example, when using the 22 watt setting, save over $350 in energy costs over the rated life of the lamp versus a standard 150-watt incandescent lamp based on $0.11 per kWh.

Long Life

  • 25X Longer Life than incandescent
  • 25,000 hours rated life (L70)

GE Quality and Reliability

  • 3-year limited warranty


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