Infusion LED Module

Infusion LED Module System

GE Infusion® is a game-changing technology and one of the most flexible LED lighting solutions on the market. As a designer, OEM or end-users, you can choose from an extensive selection of modules. Plus, there's the assurance of GE reliability and performance: like all our LED chips and luminaires, the Infusion® range is tested with LM79 & LM80 rigor.

Wide Range of Lumen Packages

GE offers a wide range of lumen packages from 850 to 4,500 lumens to meet a variety of lighting needs, including narrow punch beam angles (Infusion NPM) and recessed downlighting applications (Infusion DLM).


M1000 M1500 M2000 M3000
M1000 M1500 M2000 M3000
up to 1100 lm. up to 1750 lm. up to 2200 lm. up to 3500 lm.
M4500 NPM DLM  
M4500 NPM DLM  
up to 4500 lm. up to 30.000 cd.    


Complementing the LED modules, there's also a comprehensive range of high efficiency, interchangeable optics designed to fit the GE Infusion® LED modules via a twist-and-lock, tool-free connection.

Future Proof Versatility

With a combination of twist-fit installation/replacement, a common base design, and an extensive range of luminaires, GE Infusion® modules open the door to applications across retail, museums, galleries, bars, restaurants and offices. And as needs change or technology progresses, the entire LED module can be removed and upgraded in seconds.

As an LED system, Infusion® enables significant reductions in energy consumption. By investing in GE Infusion® technology today, upgrades to luminaires are made possible in the future which will be of great benefit as energy costs rise, LED costs fall and efficacy continues to increase.

  • Wide range of different lighting solutions from one platform
  • Modular solution for quick and tool-free upgrading
  • Lowest cost of ownership in the long term
  • Long-term color consistency

GE LED Infusion Gen4

The modular, twist/fit design of GE Infusion® means that upgrading doesn't mean having to invest in new luminaires; as new advances are made in LED technology, you can choose to upgrade when it suits you.

Exceptional Quality of Light

The GE Infusion® LED solution maintains incredibly consistent color quality from module to module - as low as 2 MacAdam ellipse consistency. The socketable system design ensures consistent thermal performance, and this in turn means that color consistency can be easily translated through to the luminaire.

  • Three color temperature options 2700K, 3000K, 4000K for crisp white light
  • High color rendering - CRI ranges to Ra > 90
  • Color point stabilizes by 1000 hours and is maintained within 2 MacAdam ellipses
  • Exceptionally stable CRI across all color ratings
  • Excellent lumen maintenance (L85 at 50,000 hours)