LED Tube Lights

LED Fluorescent Tube Replacements

Designed to fit in fixtures intended for linear fluorescent lamps (LFLs), LED tubes are a smart, efficient and long-lasting solution to replace traditional lighting. We offer three solutions: UL Type A, UL Type B, and UL Type C. These are offered in various lengths and sizes, including T8 and T5, as well as in glass and plastic.

NEW 70,000 hour rated life Now Available (Type A & C only).


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New Product Launch: Double Ended Type B Tubes

Type A LED Tubes  Arrow Icon

(Plug & Play)

Type A LED Tubes are ideal for those seeking high energy savings with minimal installation time. Convert your existing linear fluorescent fixture to LED lighting without needing a comprehensive reinstall. Each LED tube is outfitted with an internal driver, and these lamps run on electronic instant-start or programmed start ballast.

Type B LED Tubes  Arrow Icon

(Ballast Bypass)

Type B LED Tubes require that the existing fixture is re-wired to bypass the ballast. This further reduces energy use and eliminates the need to check ballast compatibility. Additional maintenance savings can also be realized by removing costs associated with replacing ballasts.

UL Type C Tubes  Arrow Icon

(Dimmable, Externally Driven)

The Type C LED Tube and driver system is the right option for dimmable applications. Our Type C system utilizes one LED tube to create multiple lumen outputs via the wattage of the selected LED driver.

Find the right product for you.

  Lamp Life Rating Wattage Lumens Color Temp. CRI Dimmable
Type A LED Tubes Product Image
Type A LED Tubes
Up to 70,000 hours 10W-25.5W Up to 3900 (T5)
Up to 2650 (T8)
3,000-5,000K 80+ Yes
Type B LED Tubes Product Image
Type B LED Tubes
50,000 hours
Up to 1,850 3,000-5,000K 80+ No
UL Type C Tubes Product Image
UL Type C Tubes
Up to 70,000 hours 10W-31W Up to 3200 (T8)
Up to 4700 (T5)
3,000-5,000K 80+ Yes

Why switch to LED Tubes?


longer life66% longer life
(50K vs. 30K hrs.)

less energyUses 43% less energy
(18W and 2600 lumens vs. LFL 32W and 2800 lumens)

better qualityBetter quality of light

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University of Toronto sheds new light on energy efficiency with new LED Lamps and Tubes


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