Decashield 175 Luminaire - SPMM


Decashield™ 175 Luminaire – SPMM & SYMM

Product ID: SPMM & SYMM 
Designed for superior photometric performance and architectural appeal, GE Outdoor Area Sightlighters provide broad application flexibility. From parking lots to downtown areas, hospitals to shopping malls, business complexes to residential neighborhoods, these fixtures will satisfy your large area lighting needs, while complementing your aesthetic desires.


  • UL/cUL1598 Listed Suitable for Wet Locations 
  • Scaled family styling for a consistent site-enhancing look – day and night 
  • Die-cast aluminum housing for strength, beauty and low maintenance 
  • Concealed continuous gasket seals against harmful dust, dirt, moisture and insects 
  • Tool-less entry for easy, economical maintenance 
  • Activated charcoal breath-way for clean ventilation and long term maintained foot candle levels 
  • Low-profile hinges and latches for a clean look 
  • Choice of a palette of standard colors, 188 RAL colors, or your own custom color in fade and abrasion- resistant powder coat paints Reflector section, optimized for typical applications – facilitates and maximizes design flexibility 
  • Reflector is computer optimized for MH lamps to maximize efficiency 
  • Optical insert redirects nadir focused light into a projected beam for enhanced uniformity 
  • Rugged hydro-formed reflector for consistent, repeatable performance 
  • ALGLAS®  coating seals reflectors from contaminants for superior long term performance 
  • Square Type V distribution minimizes adjacent luminaire overlap and improves uniformity 
  • Field-rotatable reflector allows design flexibility and fine tuning without housing reorientation (excluding FWT reflectors) 
  • Designed for compact lamps minimizing EPA and pole costs 
  • Optional switched quartz 
  • Optional single & dual fusing 
  • Optional full size twist lock PE receptacle 
  • Optional Bi-level switching


  • Walkways, driveways, tennis courts, malls and shopping centers 
  • Commercial and industrial complexes, residential areas and parkway lighting