Evolve LED Compact Cobra Head - ERLC

Evolve LED Compact Cobra Head - ERLC

Introducing Current’s newest outdoor product, the ERLC Compact Cobra Head. The ERLC delivers the same lumen output as an ERL1* but in a smaller package. The result is a 30 percent lighter fixture (8.5 lb vs. 12.5 lb.) that is easier to install and a cost-effective solution for walkways and neighborhood street lighting.

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  • 1860 to 6,350 lumen output
    ➥ Light output to support the particular requirement
  • 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K CCT
    ➥ Apply the right light to the roadway
  • Custom engineered reflective optic technology
    ➥ Optimizes application efficiency, minimizes driver glare, and 'shapes' the light to put the light where it is needed
  • 100,000 hour design life
    ➥ Reduces maintenance needs and expense over the life of the fixture
  • Type II Narrow, Type II/III*, Type III & Type V Photometric Options
    ➥ Available lighting options fit your requirements
  • 0-10V and DALI dimming available
    ➥ Enable basic dimming capabilities of the fixture
  • Photo electric sensors (PE) available
    ➥ Basic fixture On/Off light control
  • LightGrid compatible
    ➥ Add wireless intelligence to the roadway system to monitor energy consumption, detect failures, dim fixtures remotely
  • Coastal Finish Available
    ➥ Protects the fixture from salt air in geographic areas by oceans
  • 120-277 volt only
    ➥ Suitable for most geographic locations

*This optic is designed to address a Roadway Photometric Application and may classify as Type II or III (for more information please refer to the typical ISO Plot of the B4 distribution on Spec Sheet OLP3143)


  • Local roadways
  • Collector roadways


  • UL/cUL listed, suitable for wet locations per UL 1598
  • IP66 Std. Optical enclosure rated per ANSI C136.25-20135
  • –40° to 50°C UL Ambient Typical
  • Upward Light Output Ratio (ULOR) = 0
  • Compliant with the material restriction requirements of RoHS
  • Surge Protection: per ANSI C136.2-2015:
    • Standard: 10kV/5kA "Enhanced: (40 Strikes)"

Suggested HID Replacement Lumen Levels

  • ~2,000–6,000 lumens to replace 50-100W HPS cobra-head

Note: Actual replacement lumens may vary based upon mounting height, pole spacing, design criteria, etc.


  • Slipfitter with +/- 5 degree of adjustment for leveling
  • Integral die cast mounting pipe stop
  • Adjustable for 1.25 in. or 2 in. mounting pipe

Construction and Finish

  • Housing:
    • Die cast enclosure
    • Casting-integral heat sink for maximum heat transfer
  • Paint: Corrosion resistant polyester powder paint, minimum 2.0 mil. thickness
    • Standard colors: black, gray and dark bronze
    • RAL & custom colors available
  • Optional coastal finish available


Previous Description Current Description
A3/A4 Type II Narrow A5 Type II Narrow
B3/B4 Type II Wide B5 Type II/III
C3/C4 Type III C5 Type III
D3 Type IV None  
E3 Type II Enhanced Blacklight None  
    V4 Type V

Notes: Actual replacement lumens may vary based upon mounting height, pole spacing, design criteria, etc.

**These guidelines assist in luminaire selection. To ensure an accurate selection, do a lighting design layout.