Refit Advantage Program

Refit Advantage


Our team of industry veterans provides resources to drive solutions for your energy project. We offer all of our partners top-of-class products, superior project management and competitive pricing.

Learn how RefitAdvantage can benefit your business. Join any of our three sessions to understand how to become a partner, see our process and discover what you can look forward to in the future.

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Provide LED lighting and controls solutions to companies, creating value and improving sustainability
Leverage our innovation and direct service commitment to maximize business operational efficiencies


A dedicated team for efficient market navigation
Complete solutions from product launch or application design to quotes and shipments
A dedicated team for efficient market navigation

Program Services

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A dedicated person will answer the call or respond to emails for services from our group.


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A qualified lighting specialist will evaluate and recommend the best product for performance, savings and cost effectiveness.

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Broad portfolio of industry applications with immediate tangible business value


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A professional lighting controls team member will provide a controls layout and device schedule for the requested project.

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A dedicated team member will provide a quote for turnkey projects.


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The one point of contact will receive purchase orders and process the order with order confirmation.


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A qualified project management specialist will track the product order and ensure on-time delivery to meet the project schedule.

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A designated team member will follow up on all post-sale requests.


Our Approach

We create intelligent environments that are efficient and deliver additional productivity outcomes.

LED Lighting
We start with energy-saving LED technology as the foundation, since it offers an immediate payback.
Sensors & Controls
The energy efficiency achieved with the LED lighting foundation supports the deployment of a wireless and open sensor network.
Energy Management
Current’s EMS for multi-site clients (AllSites) combines disparate hardware, software and service components regardless of vendor or vintage into a secure, single platform.
Productivity & Revenue Apps 
Once a wireless and open infrastructure is in place, customers can use a variety of software and services to literally grow their businesses.

The Markets We Serve

Current enhances spaces with advanced lighting and intelligent controls. We deliver solutions that reduce energy consumption and empower intelligent environments in a variety of spaces.


Industrial Facilities


Hotels and Restaurants

Indoor Farms



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Current is proud to introduce ProLine™, an LED fixture program for contractors who want to get the job done.


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Current's QuickShip portfolio is a collection of the most popular LED fixtures from our Indoor, Outdoor and Industrial portfolios. Contractors can rest assured we have their backs, even for the most demanding application or architect. With faster turnarounds and optimized ship lanes, missing tight project deadlines is a thing of the past.


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TriGain® technology is an industry-leading phosphor with premium performance lighting systems for retail and commercial applications. This narrow-band red phosphor increases both CRI and R9 while improving LED and system efficacy significantly versus other LED products or systems on the market.


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We leverage decades of UV and LED experience to develop solutions for continuous disinfection of occupied spaces to help reduce exposure to surface bacteria and airborne viruses.

Refit Solutions
Retrofit LED solutions offer a variety of LED retrofit kits for recessed, can lights, downlights, suspended, strip, hazardous and linear fluorescent (LFL) tubes. Our solutions redefine the art of indoor lighting, providing style, efficiency and performance while enhancing color desired for retail, office, hospitality and industrial lighting applications.


Rebate Calculator
Instantly find energy rebates for LED Lighting Fixtures, Controls, Tubes and Lamps.


Lighting Layout Estimator
These estimators provides a rough lighting layout for industrial (high ceiling area) or office (low ceiling area) open spaces, assuming average or typical surface reflectance on walls and ceilings. They are adequate for a “first pass” estimate. More accurate layouts can be done with the indoor design tool link available on the webpage for the chosen fixture, or by using a commercial lighting layout program. All numbers refer to initial lumens and footcandles only.



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