Tetra Snap

Tetra Snap

For those who don't have time to screw around.

Meet the most innovative cabinet sign solution ever. Snap is a double-sided module that snaps into an aluminum extrusion (no screwing, measuring or silicone required), allowing module spacing and brightness levels to be customized on-the-fly. Snap is a one-size-fits-all product for cabinet signs. Say goodbye to stocking dozens of sticks. Say hello to Tetra® Snap.


Bright as a new penny
Tetra® Snap modules pump out 400 lumens each, and can be installed at three different spacings, for a maximum 1000 lumens per foot. No other cabinet sign product comes close.

One product to rule them all
The most flexible product on the market, Tetra® Snap is suitable for cabinets ranging from 10” to well over 36” in depth, all with the same material.

Load 'em up
Load 32 Tetra® Snap modules per 100W power supply, enough to light a single 64” x 80” sign.
1 bag = 32 modules = 1 power supply. Easy as that.


You may be wondering what the catch is. But it only gets better. Here's how to install Snap:

Step 1: Snap modules into extrusion.
Step 2: Install extrusion into sign.
Step 3: Plug in. Enjoy results.

No catch. Tetra® Snap.


  • Condense modules for applications requiring a little extra light – up to 1000 lm/ft!
  • 1 SKU = 3 different light output levels for cabinets 10" to over 36" deep
  • End caps secure to existing sockets or sign structure
  • T-connectors allow Snap to be installed in a grid


  • 170° viewing angle
  • Available in 7100K, 6500K, 5700K, 5000K, 4100K, 3200K
  • Efficacy: 153 lm/W
  • 24 Volt DC, Class 2 (UL), Class III (IEC)
  • 5-year limited warranty