DR2 Repeater Signals

DR2 Repeater Signals

Smart Repeater. With its unique snap-on ring system for housing flexibility, universal voltage and ultra-low power consumption, the GE 100mm DR2 LED traffic signal, really is the smart choice in traffic repeaters. With proven reliability and low maintenance cost, compared to incandescent, DR2 Signals offer exceptional value over the long-term.



  • Up to 90% energy efficiency over incandescent
  • Long life of 50,000 hours plus
  • Uses customizable adaptor to fit with fixtures
  • Strong polycarbonate front lens
  • OEM or retrofit installation
  • GE quality/reliability


  • Colors: Red, Yellow & Green
  • Sizes: 4-inch / 100-mm


  • Replaces incandescent lamps in repeater applications