LED Pedestrian Signals

GT1 Pedestrian Units

Walk this way. There's no room for error when managing pedestrian traffic or synchronizing the movement of people and automobiles. GE's robust LED Pedestrian Control Signals provide proven reliability and well-established LED-versus-incandescent advantages: up to 90% energy savings, longer life, fewer maintenance hassles and lower maintenance costs. Whether your needs require a standard LED outline, new "Incandescent Look" or a more advanced unit with a digital countdown display, GE offers a vast collection of weatherproof LED pedestrian control signals that meet a variety of geographic and governmental specifications.



  • Up to 90% energy efficiency over Incandescent
  • OEM or retrofit use
  • UV stabilized lens & shell
  • ITE and/or Caltrans compliant designs
  • GE quality/reliability


  • Colors: Portland Orange & Lunar White
  • Original “LED Look” & new “Incandescent Look” designs available


  • Replaces incandescent lamps in pedestrian control signals