LED Signal Retrofits for Transit and Railroad Wayside

ACE - LED Signal Retrofits for Transit and Railroad Wayside

GE has developed the one stop solution for transit and railroad wayside applications. This one white LED solution is a pure retrofit into to the housing, and perfectly mimics the old incandescent bulb but with all the advantages of an LED. It also utilizes the same housing and lens filter to minimize maintenance and inventory costs.



  • Better uniformity of the light in a single signal and also among the signals population
  • Improved safety by allowing better visibility for the train driver especially in harsh weather conditions
  • Greater reliability and GE warranty
  • Can be installed in just minutes in existing transit housings; reducing effort and labor


  • Reduced maintenance and labor costs
  • Reduced inventory costs
  • 1 SKU for all colors
  • Fits onto US&S and GRS type housing


  • IP55
  • 120V and 12 V available, please contact your sales representative for other voltages
  • FCC class B


  • Existing housings for Transit and Railroad wayside